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Christmas tree votive candle

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Hand made candle. Available in three scent options: i) frankincense and myrrh, ii) unscented or iii) Christmas joy (cinnamon and other spices)

Labels printed on recycled paper, with an image reproduced from an original block cut.

Made from soya wax using natural wick in a small, reusable glass jar (that can be reused later as a shot glass). The glass is the also correct size for reusing to hold a tea light.

Soy wax is a sustainable and vegetable based alternative to paraffin wax, that gives better performance, and is lighter in its environmental impact. It is also preferable for people with asthma or certain allergies. Read more about the advantages of soy wax here

Dimensions: 5.5 cm diameter.  6.5 cm height. Each candle approximate weight 450 g.


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