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Welcome to Scarlet Banner

We hope you like these range of products here. This is a newly launched idea, where we are hoping to provide high quality, craft based products with a bit of a left of centre flavour.

There has been a tradition on the left very much focused at the inequality of distribution, the difference between the haves and the have nots. The fight for equality is of course important. But that great English socialist and designer, William Morris, also emphasised that one of the woes of capitalism is that the very practice of work has ceased to be a creative joy, and has become an oppressive grind for too many people.

We enjoy making these products, and enjoy sharing them with you. We hope that you will enjoy owning and using them.

We hope to use sustainable or recycled products wherever we can. This may mean that some of the packaging materials may seem eccentric, as it has been reused.


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